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Committee on Diversity and Cultural Competency
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 Committee on Diversity & Cultural Competency 

NASW-NJ has established a Committee on Diversity and Cultural Competency (D&CC) to ensure that its membership and leadership reflect New Jersey’s diversity, and to infuse culturally competent and sensitive practices in all of the Chapter’s daily business practices. 

The Committee’s primary goals and responsibilities include identifying and implementing strategies to recruit diverse staff, leadership, and members.

Among its other responsibilities, the Diversity and Cultural Competency Committee will:

  • Ensure that the ethics review process is culturally and linguistically competent
  • Monitor and review the leadership development practices to ensure that leaders are identified and developed from diverse backgrounds
  • Monitor and review the Chapter’s human resource practices to ensure that it uses practical hiring standards as they relate to diverse personnel at the managerial, support, and secretarial level
  • Assist NASW-NJ with building partnerships to promote cultural competence (i.e. NJ BSW/MSW colleges and universities, agencies, other social work agencies, and NJ state agencies)
  • Identify the barriers that currently exist in NASW-NJ for effective culturally competent practices and provide solutions to be explored and implemented
  • Ensure that NASW-NJ infuses all continuing education workshops with culturally competent information
  • Ensure that cultural competence courses mandated by the NJ State Board of Social Work Examiners are relevant and cutting edge, and address emerging issues and trends
  • Develop and implement a continuing education conference focused on culturally competent standards and practices
  • Review legislative issues relative to diversity as they affect clients and social workers 


Diversity and Affirmative Action Plan Updated

Since its inception, the D&CC has been working hard to implement strategies to recruit diverse membership and leadership. Some success in this effort was evident in the outcome of recent NASW-NJ elections. The Committee has also worked to ensure that continuing education workshops are infused with culturally competent information. To this end, the D&CC met one of its first objectives by collaborating with the Continuing Education Program Committee to offer annual conferences that included diversity as a major focus. These examples are only two among many of the Committee’s other responsibilities, initiatives and goals.

The Committee on Diversity and Cultural Competency is committed to its work and updates the Diversity and Affirmative Action Plan  to keep members aware of its accomplishments, challenges and efforts. You can find our updated Diversity and Affirmative Action Plan by clicking here.



NASW-NJ's Diversity and Affirmative Action Plan
(Summary of the Original Plan Now Available -
Click Here)

The Committee on Diversity and Cultural Competency developed a diversity and affirmative action plan outlining the steps necessary to complete the aforementioned charge. The following is a passage excerpted from the plan:

The following plan operates on the foundation and constructs that are set forth in  “Institutional Racism and the Social Work Profession: A Call to Action.” NASW-NJ recognizes that institutional racism is a reality. This organization seeks to create dialogue and action, heighten awareness of the facts and implications of overt and institutional racism, and challenge the inherent inequities and historical injustices of white privilege, through the outreach efforts of this plan. In addition, we recognize that in order to create change and critical consciousness, education/training are key components of the process of building knowledge.  Toward that end, we will engage in extensive dialogues and inclusion efforts to build partnerships that will facilitate the successful implementation of our plan. This plan is a living document. Therefore, initial planning and action will occur first within our own organization and progress naturally toward the promotion and execution of social change.

To view NASW-NJ's Original Diversity and Affirmative Action Plan, click here


Diversity and Affirmative Action Plan Updated 2011**

Institutional Racism & The Social Work Profession

Diversity Bibliography 

Social and Cultural Competence Continuing Education Requirements

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