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License Renewal Information- 2014
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What You Need to Know to Renew Your License in 2014

Renewal Notice Coming in the Mail

By now you should have received a renewal notice for your Social Work License (LSW or LCSW) or Certification (CSW) in the mail. The notice was sent from the Office of the Attorney General, Division of Consumer Affairs (not the Board of Social Work Examiners).

Renewal is online only and your renewal notice will provide you with instructions on how to renew your license or certification. You must renew your license by August 31, 2014.

If you have not yet received a renewal form, you can still renew online.
Go to this webpage ( Provide your information under 'Other Registration' and click Search. This should generate your personal information in the next form and allow you to create a password. Then you can continue on to renew your license online and make any edits to your address, phone number, etc.

If you are still unable to renew online, immediately send a letter to the Board requesting a renewal form and providing your correct address for them. Keep a copy of everything you send and mail your letter by Certified Mail/Return Receipt Requested as soon as possible to: Board of Social Work Examiners, PO Box 45033, Newark, NJ 07101


License Renewal Fees Reduced for 2014!

The Board of Social Work Examiners has announced that fees for the 2014 renewal of all Social Work credentials will be greatly reduced. This is due to the Board having a temporary surplus of funds which can be offset by a one-time reduction of fees.

This reduction is not available for new licensees. It is only for those who were Licensed or Certified before this summer and will be renewing their credentials.

Details of the costs for renewal are listed below.

Regular Fee
 Reduced Fee for 2014
 LCSW $160 $50
 LSW $120 $36
 CSW $70 $20

Follow instructions on your renewal form and when you go online to renew, the “Reduced Fee” amounts will be coded into the payment information.


What DO You Do With Your CE Certificates When It's Renewal Time?

You must keep your CE certificates for your own records. You do not send them in to the BSWE at time of renewal.

Here's what you do with your CE certificates:
     - We recommend that you keep an actual or electronic folder/binder, and put your certificates there as soon as you complete your courses, so you don't have to hunt them down at the end of the licensing cycle.
     - The BSWE requires you to keep certificates of attendance for 5 years following the end of the biennial cycle for which the credits have been obtained. However, NASW-NJ encourages members to keep documentation permanently as this information may be useful to you in ways you cannot predict right now.
     - You will NOT be sending your CE certificates to the BSWE when you go to renew your license. When you go to renew your license online, it will ask you to check a statement confirming that you have completed your continuing education requirements.
     - Completing your CE requirements is part of your responsibility in keeping up to date with techniques and resources to help those you serve. In addition, the BSWE does audit a percentage of social workers each cycle, so make sure that you have them completed and ready to hand over if needed.

What CE Requirements Do You Need to Complete Before August 31st?

Continuing Education (CE) Credits are required for each biennial (two year) licensing cycle. To renew your license (LSW or LCSW) or certification (CSW), you will need to have completed the required number of CE credits outlined below during the current biennial period, which is September 1, 2012 - August 31, 2014.

If you are an LCSW:
An LCSW shall complete a minimum of 40 credits of continuing education, of which at least 20 credits shall be in courses or programs directly related to clinical practice, 5 credits must be related to ethics, and 3 credits must be related to social and cultural competency. If the LCSW earns more than 40 credits during a biennial period, the LCSW may carry a maximum of eight surplus credits into a succeeding biennial period;

If you are an LSW:
An LSW shall complete a minimum of 30 credits of continuing education, 5 of which must be related to ethics, and 3 credits must be related to social and cultural competency. If the LSW earns more than 30 credits during a biennial period, the LSW may carry a maximum of six surplus credits into a succeeding biennial period.

If you are a CSW:
A CSW shall complete a minimum of 20 credits of continuing education, 5 of which must be related to ethics, and 3 credits must be related to social and cultural competency. If the CSW earns more than 20 credits during a biennial period, the CSW may carry a maximum of four surplus credits into a succeeding biennial period.

For those licensed after September 1, 2013:
If an applicant initially obtains a license or certificate within the second year of a biennial license period (September 1, 2013 or later) the applicant shall complete not fewer than one-half of the minimum required credits of continuing education, 3 credits of which shall be related to ethics and 2 credits of which shall be related to social and cultural competency. An LCSW shall complete at least 10 of their 20 credits in programs which directly relate to clinical practice.

How to Add Up Your CEUs by Type (Clinical, Non-Clinical, Ethics, Social/Cultural Competence):

Any one course can fulfill requirements for more than one category. For example, a 3 hour course approved for Ethics and Social/Cultural Competence can count toward both requirements. However, it can only count as a total of 3 hours of credit (not 6) toward the 20, 30 or 40 hours required for your license/certification.

Here's the easy way to figure out if you have completed your requirements:
     a. Be sure that you have the total # of credits you need (20, 30 or 40 depending on your license)
     b. Of that number, are at least 5 approved for/related to Ethics? Yes? Ethics is done.
     c. Of that number, are at least 3 approved for/related to Social/Cultural Competence? Yes? Social/Cultural Competence is done.
     d. If you are renewing your LCSW, of that number, are at least 20 approved for/related to Clinical issues? Yes? Clinical is done.

Still Looking for CE Courses to Take?

Check out our NASW-NJ Calendar to see if we have any upcoming courses that interest you.

Take an online course by the NASW-sponsored Social Work Online CE Institute.

Have More Questions?

If you are an NASW member and have questions about licensure/certification, clinical supervision, CE requirements for licensing and other licensing related issues, we are happy to assist you as part of your membership benefits!

NASW members can contact the NASW-NJ Licensing Hotline ( or 732.296.8070 x51)
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